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Indian Defence NewsRecently, I read a chunk within the BJP paper Organizer which stated how the Congress party fostered dynastic politics. This is certainly amusing jointly cannot understand what dynastic politics is. It is a fact that only dynasties have ruled nations. Look at the house of Windsor that is the head of England from 1066 when William the conqueror landed in England. The Tsars who ruled Russia along with the Gupta and Maurya dynasty accompanied by the Moghul dynasty were all rulers of India. They were all dynasties and history records that some of the dynasties ruled for centuries.

It was in 1992 that this Indian army began intake of ladies in roles besides as doctors and nurses. As an officer inducted inside Women Special Entry Scheme (WSES), they can serve for a contractual duration of 5yrs extendable to some maximum of 14 years. Although the government order was implemented, on the unit level, the men in olive greens are not prepared or sensitised to possess women serving in their midst.

Right from 1947 as a result of the present time the Army continues to be suffering only defeats. This is a direct corollary of the insufficient an expert fighting spirit within the Pakistan Army. To make matters worse starting from 1957 when General Ayub Khan seized power in a military coup, the Army is enmeshed in the politics of the nation. Thus a string of Generals as Presidents and Governors have appeared. All these usually do not equal to an expert atmosphere inside Army where top Generals are eyeing plum civil appointments.

But the biggest crime that history will not absolve the Pakistan officer cadre is the fact a good deal many Indian POWs remain in jail in Pakistan as soon as the 1971 war. This is entirely from the ethos and culture from the British Indian Army, where an officer is especially a gentleman at the same time. The holding of these prisoners which have been confirmed by letters smuggled out from the jails as well as by Prisoners who are released point out a sorry spectacle. Even Gen Mushraff the Pak president himself a soldier was can not unravel the mess. The official denial continues and it’s also sad not just for the prisoners but the Pakistan army officer cadre.

Through the years, women officers been employed dedicatedly to get accepted and treated at par using their male counterparts. They handled various weapons, lived in field locations, and stretched beyond themselves in fitness and health tests, to create the respect with their colleagues and also the men they commanded. They also braved hostile mindsets, sexual innuendos and patronizing attitudes. Their courage, determination and dedication however, haven’t yielded much result because army remains to be undecided in regards to what the near future holds for the children.

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